General FAQS

1-Does MBA at Cairo University require any prerequisites?

Knowledge of principles management, financial accounting and managerial economics prior to enrollment is helpful, so, non-business students are subjected to a prerequisite courses upon the Academic Committee's recommendation.

2-Do you accept graduates from any University/Institute?

We accept any accredited University/Institute.

3-Can a fresh graduate apply for the MBA ?

No, S/he should has at least two years of work experience

4-what if I cannot submit the application by the deadline of the admission?

If you apply after the deadline you can only be considered based on availability. Please contact the admission staff: 01005008812-01007807828-01027969222.

5- When can I schedule an interview?

After you have submitted your application for either MBA or DBA program, the Admission Office will review your file. Candidates may be invited for an interview following the initial review of the application.

6-Do I have to pay any application fees?

Yes, the application fee for any program is LE 250. Application fees are non-refundable

7- Can I apply for more than one program at the same time?

A candidate should only apply for one program.

8- Does MBA require minimum years of experience?

Yes, MBA program require at least two years of experience.

9-Do you require minimum GPA for applying to your MBA?

No it depends on the evaluation of the applicant's whole background.

10- What if I applied and later found that I wont be able to start, do I need to apply all over again?

The admission process is valid for one year so you can apply whenever you wish and register within a year form the application date .

11- When do I get the certificate?

After you have finished the whole program, the courses plus the thesis.

12- what is the payment method?

You can either pay in cash or using credit card.

13-Do I have access to the Cairo University Central library services?

Sure you can.

14-what is the difference between DBA & PHD?

DBA is more professional and practical, while PHD is more theoretical and academic.

15- Are there online courses?

No, students have to attend 75 % of the classes.

16-Should I get all the admission requirements at once?

No, you can meet the admission deadline with the available documents and then complete your admission file within the admission period.

17-Can I present a different language test other than TOEFL/IELST?

Yes, you can submit ILETS of 6.

18-Is their availability for online registration?

Candidates can fill applications, and then submit documents in personally.

19-what is the cancellation/withdrawal policy?

Please check cancellation policy.

20- What is the minimum duration of the program?

Two year for MBA program and three years for DBA program.

21- Should I submit all the admission documents in one visit?

If there are any missing papers you can get them completed within the first week of the first semester.

22- Is there discount policy for groups from the same company?

Please check corporate agreements.